Unlock Your Team's Potential with Generative AI Training

Hands-on training to immediately boost your team's productivity with AI.

Why work with us

Proven Success Training Teams in Generative AI

Since 2023, we have successfully trained hundreds of team members, helping them use AI for growth and efficiency.

Flexible Training Options to Suit You and Your Team

Our training programs can be delivered remotely or in person, providing flexibility to suit your team's needs and schedules.

Immediate Impact on Productivity

Our practical, hands-on training hands your team the skills they need to create immediate productivity improvements.

Ongoing Support and Development

We offer continuous support to ensure your team stays updated with a minimal time commitment so they stay ahead of the competition.

How Our Free AI Training Works:

Free 1-hour Training

We’ll demystify AI for your team so they understand what it’s capable of, and have clarity on how they can use it immediately to solve real-world problems better, faster, and cheaper

AI Implementation Roadmap

Based on your needs, we support you and your team to identify "quick wins" where AI can make an immediate impact to increase productivity and help you deliver better results.

Ongoing Support

Our training certifies your team and helps them develop how they use generative AI, providing continuous support to ensure they have the right skills with a minimal commitment of time.

Introducing simpler with ai

Why work with us

At Simpler With AI, we help you achieve extraordinary results by leveraging cutting-edge AI solutions tailored to your specific needs. Let us simplify your AI journey and unlock your team's or business's full potential, so you can focus on what matters most – growing and succeeding in a competitive landscape.

Generative AI Training

Discover what generative AI can do for you and your business with our free and paid-for training sessions.

AI Consultancy

Our Generative AI Consultancy offers personalised, expert guidance to help your business harness the power of generative

AI-Powered Business Development

With over 20 years in business development experience, we use AI to help you unlock new growth opportunities faster than ever.

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Discover what generative AI can do for you and your team.