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What You'll Learn in the
Free One-Hour White Belt Session:

At Simpler with AI, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to understand and harness the power of generative artificial intelligence.

That's why we're offering a free one-hour White Belt session designed to introduce you to the basics of generative AI and how it can transform your work and productivity.

Getting Comfortable with genAI Tools:

Learn how to use base model tools effectively.

Hands-On Experience:

Work with real AI applications to see immediate benefits.

Practical Use Cases

Discover how AI can streamline your daily tasks and boost productivity.

Foundation for Growth

Build a strong foundation to advance to higher levels of AI proficiency.

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Wes Bateson // Founder Qi Managed Services

Alessandro Calzolari // Marketing Consumer Psychology Consultant

Joanne Foulkes // Founder, Trip Aunty

Upgrade Now: Transform Your Skills in a Single Session

But why stop there? For those who want to dive deeper and gain a more comprehensive understanding, we offer the perfect upgrade.

In-Depth AI Training

Go beyond the basics and explore more advanced AI capabilities.

Immediate Implementation

Engage in practical exercises to solidify your understanding.

Practical Implementation

Leave the workshop with clear strategies to use AI effectively in your work.

Extend Your AI Mastery with
the White Belt Plus Workshop

Don’t just settle for the basics. Upgrade to our White Belt Plus Workshop and immerse yourself in an intensive learning experience designed to equip you with advanced AI skills.

  • Advanced AI Mastery

  • Designed for Your Role

  • Accelerate with Bespoke Guidance

Deepen Your AI Expertise in One Extended Session

You've mastered the basics—now extend your learning in the same session. The White Belt Plus Workshop builds on the free session, adding two more hours of advanced generative AI techniques. Gain deeper insights and strategies to enhance your problem-solving capabilities and professional growth.