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How to Get Started with AI 

Discover why AI is not scary... and how to use it to make an immediate impact on your business

I'd been using and dabbling with AI a little bit. My sales process has had the biggest impact so far from this training so far. Using AI has been really helpful and I'm able to get a lot more done

Wesley Bateman

Commercial Sales Director

This has impacted me on different levels. I'm way more efficient in going into AI and pulling out what I want. It has had different ripple effects across the board in my business, whether it be strategy, marketing, content writing, messaging, or writing emails.

Daniel Andersen-Tuffnell

Director, Business Mindsets

I didn't really get AI at first... But as I went through the training, I realised the much bigger potential it has for solving  real world business problems... It was a brilliant addition to my toolkit

Joanne Foulkes

Founder and CEO of Trip Aunty Ltd

Who is it for?

We know entrepreneurs and business leaders know AI is coming, but most don't have a clear plan of how to adopt it.

That can leave you feeling as if you're caught in the trap of knowing your competitors are moving forward, but not knowing how to use it yourself.

We founded Simpler With AI to guide leaders through the minefield so they understand what AI can do for them, help them to adopt best practices, and ensure they stay ahead of their competition.

This guide gives you the relevant, immediately actionable information you need, even if you've never used AI before (or hate tech!)

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Coaches
  • Teams
  • Agencies

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