We Help Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs Use AI To Move Their KPIs to the Right.

As a business leader or entrepreneur, you know AI dominates the news.

And there's that thought of "Should I be using it?" that's FRUSTRATING because nobody wants to be left behind. 

There's so much hype, combined with doom and gloom, that it's impossible to filter out the noise and know for certain if it's something you should ignore...

I believe it's wrong for leaders to feel uncertain. It's their hard-won experience from a long career that enables them to leverage AI in ways nobody else can.

With an MBA and over two decades of experience in sales and marketing, I've guided numerous businesses to successfully navigate technological shifts by asking a simple question to filter out the signal from the noise:

"Does this help me deliver better results?"

And it's a "Yes" or "No" answer. There's no "maybe".

If it's a "No" you can be confident it's noise. Ignore it.

If it's a "Yes", then you have a CLEAR SIGNAL to focus on because you know it will help you outcompete your competition.

This is not about the tools. It's about the results.

More than that, it's about using AI to do the "doing".

This leaves you free to play to your strengths by doing what makes you UNIQUELY HUMAN: thinking.

So how does that work in real-life? Here's an example:

STEP 1. Get clear on the tasks in your role or your team's roles that matter the most. (Usually, you want to look for the tasks that have the greatest impact on generating revenue.)

STEP 2. Create SOPs and KPIs for the 3-5 most critical tasks.

(HOLD UP! I can tell I'm losing you! I would be too because we know creating and updating Standard Operating Procedures is an excessive amount of work.

Remember, you're NOT going to be doing the "doing". The "doing" will take seconds.

It's a new world and YOUR ROLE in this is to think about what matters most. AI won't be able to replace your brain.)

STEP 3. Put the KPIs into your AI and use it as a professional coach to actively help you move the KPIs to the right and improve them.


Yes. Use AI as a professional coach to move KPIs to the right.

AI is exceptional at analyzing data. It will reveal patterns and insights a human would miss and do it in seconds. Then, if you ask it the right questions, it will guide you on specific actions and give you step-by-step examples of how to do it.

If you're a team leader, you can use those actions and examples to coach your team members.

Or you can give your team members the responsibility to coach themselves, freeing up even more of your time.

Either way, everybody on your team understands why KPIs are important (they do understand, right?) and are FOCUSED on what matters most to the business.

Imagine your team always knowing if they are on track. At a click of a button, each member is given specific and personalized advice on what to do to move the needle. 

It's impossible to be stuck in a rut or work in the same old way.

Your team is engaged. They're focused on the work that matters. They're driving results.

Machines won't replace humans, but humans with machines will replace humans without machines

It's no longer a fair race.

The impact is IMMEDIATE.

Your team will buy into it because it guides them to be better at their job. And you can see the results. You're in control.

For this reason, we've created a new workshop to hand these results to you.

You can train yourself, your team, or "train a trainer" to be Certified and embed these core skills into your organization. It's your choice.

If you'd like to explore your options and how it might best fit your unique situation, book a call now.

Or, if your not sure how AI can really help because relationships matter in what you do then watch this. I use AI to do the "heavy lifting" as we move from the outdated Core Values concept to a way of subtly shifting culture within organizations. It's a great example of how AI and humans can work together.

This matters because we put human relationships at the heart of everything we do. It's been our philosophy for over 20 years and we're not changing for anything. 

Before I finish, a word of caution.

You've heard this before: AI is not going away. Your challenge now is to understand how it can help you deliver better results so you are the person, team, or organization others are trying to catch.

I don't want you to be running at the back of the pack.

I want you to focus on playing to your strengths, doing your best work, and using AI as your companion.

Use the calendar below to book a time for us to talk, and let's see what's possible.